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On occasion, however, individuals who have contracted. There are more than 25 stds caused by many different bacteria and viruses. New york: mcgraw-hill; 2008;1362-1392. The most common oral issues for hiv/aids individuals are oral warts, fever blisters, hairy leukoplakia (black hairy tongue), oral thrush and canker sores. The most commonly passed on are: You also can get hiv from sharing needles for drugs, tattoos, or piercings with an infected person. Other types can cause cervical or oral cancer and some uncommon cancers, such as vaginal and anal cancer.

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Oral sex is probably the least common mode of transmission. Some men do not experience any trichomoniasis symptoms, making the infection easy to spread. Trichomoniasis symptoms in men include urethritis, including burning and itching from the urethra.

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