Men cum in own face

Brent everett shooting on his own face - banana blog

I mean, look at all those different types of acid and potassium? ouch. Don’t mind if it hits my face. The first few times i missed and just made a mess in my hair & on my face- but soon got it right in my mouth, so now i try. So if you don’t want to start with, say, a hardcore facial, but you could be into it, pick something you’re both ok with. Not when i do it for myself. Each and every time i jerk.

He wants to jizz on your face, but not why you thinkI rub semen on my face to keep my skin looking good, but im more than a tabloid headline

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If someone doesn’t want you to, don’t. Those people aren’t feminists, they’re just judgmental. It always surprises me how many people consider getting a comeshot to the face anti-feminist because it signifies degradation.