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I’m not here on holiday, i’m going through my life, in my chosen home, trying to make it as satisfactory as i can for myself and my family. Needless to say, this lifelong brainwashing and squashing of dissent handily serves the purposes of the powers that be: the useless geezers in kasumigaseki, the top guys of the various keiretsu, the very wealthy and the various local bosses who divvy up the bounty that flows from the ministries. Where they have grown wild for centuries. I get infuriated sometimes just standing by watching japanese get screwed over by their own government and each other! Everyone was polite and doesn’t have that stupid “attitude” that you encounter in the us from grocery stores to banks.

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Adults as children, sign’s everywhere. I am surrounded by a supporting and loving japanese family, great japanese friends and goodjapanese colleagues. There are no pastoral or wild vistas like you will find in europe, north america, new zealand, australia etc.

Japanese asian biting mouth fetish