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You won’t be able to vote or comment. Holly skipped out on the all-stars season to avoid playing with jase again. Still, he knows how to play the damn game and does it well.

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That’s why i’m so happy to be here and experience this. She was a hilarious mess who frequently talked to herself and was everyone’s enemy, but mostly dick’s.

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And will is actually not married to his girlfriend, but they’ve been engaged for like 7 years. Janelle pierzina and will kirby dated from august to september, 2006.

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I want to take a female to the end because you’re way more likely to get the money that way. I do feel bad for her, however, because she had no idea none of the other houseguests liked her until she had a big blow-up with diane. But the real question is, how do. The show throws twists into every season, and in season 5 there was one in particular that amazed viewers. That’s not even counting the fact that it was a smaller season.

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It just wasn’t a great idea for me and i probably in retrospect should not have done it time-wise. Based on as cast talking besides will most of them knew a lot of them throughout the casts and still saw each other.

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Though their flirtation was fun, they never let it distract them from their game play. It’s a shame, because. And jeff and jordan, especially jeff and jordan! and whoever else you cheer for. Zach played pretty well and got far in his season, but he didn’t make much of a lasting impression in a season full of such big personalities.

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It is safe and i’ll never spam you, Thanks to you bb was the best season ever.

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Awesome jo! thanks so much for the support. In addition to shouting insults at his nemesis, dick poured a glass of iced tea over her head in one episode. Danielle’s romance with shane was at times ill-fated and yet also heartwarming.

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