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Please note that the locations data is based on a very old file and may well contain inaccuracies. The source code of this program is not available. Not directly to the download file.

Compatibility mode is only present in the professional version of windows 7 and actually involves running a separate copy of windows xp so the first suggestion is probably the better of the two. It should be evident from this that voacap – and consequently voaprop – cannot forecast the exact propagation on a given date. Voaprop includes a table of smoothed sunspot number (ssn) data going back to the year 1900.

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You could also install it under my documents. The voacap model doesn’t take any account of how conditions change day-to-day in reaction to dynamic changes in solar weather.

For both personal and technical reasons. I now use linux in my radio shack and no longer have the tools used to create voaprop so there will be. If you have an earlier copy then please. Windows vista and windows 7 have security restrictions that prevent the modification of files stored in program files\. As a rule of thumb, so experts say, the maximum operating frequency on any given day may vary by +/- 15% of the average predicted for that month. There were no known bugs at the time of release, but updates to external files or new versions of windows may cause problems and will eventually make this program obsolete.

This affects programs such as voaprop that store settings in an ini file in the same folder as the program itself. Gz archive for installation on linux. After that, you must set write permissions, since voacap needs to be able to write to files in its folders. Which is available for just about any linux distribution.

It should work normally after that. The ssn for the current month and the months ahead can’t possibly be known, so predicted values are used. Voaprop uses voacap, a propagation model developed over 50 years by the us navy research laboratory and the institute of telecommunications sciences, with sponsorship from voice of america. Open a console window, change to the directory where you installed the software, and execute the command. The real propagation may be better, or worse, than shown.

This translation of the online help into german has been kindly provided by eike, dm3ml. When they are below average, signals may not reach as far as shown, and a band that is shown as open to a few areas may be closed altogether.

Under the conditions given. Voaprop shows you typical propagation for a given hour of the day during a given month.