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Wednesday, february 07, 2018

I had my occupation it related, and i kept getting gold diggers. Win-win all around, it sounds like. Lower your expectations in women then. Also, not enough attention.

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Don’t expect the top 5% of females to find you attractive. New cars, no debt, free to travel and purchase whatever they desire (within reason) at will. Because she’s the one who’s playing games and has baggage. And no brad pitt.

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You must be hanging out with too many players (which makes up only a small portion of men). I think that’s actually strategically smart. No not really, but what moron is trying to use slashdot as a dating site? that is mistake #1 kind of like trying to pick up women outside a public restroom. Talk about what you do and why you like doing it.

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Disclaimer: met my wife and soulmate on okcupid. Guys terribly outnumber women on these sites. I don’t think they really care about a guys personality.

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Biggest problem; she had a dog and i had a cat. For the rest of the female population who still doesn’t quite understand how men think, the following contradictions might sound all too familiar. I mean, ok you met your wife. I lowered my standards for a girl that was 100 pounds overweight with no intention of stopping.

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I’m sure theres a joke in here somewhere about every guy knows a chick just like “iis and frontpage” but i’m not quite seeing it. The trick is being the first nice guy to come along after those expectations have been re-arranged. Meet out on a date is even more of a challenge. But i see a lot of people here who seem to want people that don’t want them back all in the name of their standards. You are commenting using your google+ account.

Personal matchmaking services by gail

You shun short men yet some of the greatest men on earth where short. The ones that are super hot in pictures are getting 500 emails a day. Contact women in the 11th to 15th percentile.

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If you’re older than 30 and still believing that crap, i feel sorry for you. He also asks you not to put on a condom during sex too. Number was about 61 percent for homosexual couples). The life raft in the sea of dating options.

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He also writes for. Unless she was a bimbo, or desperate. That said, the man whom i dated casually for about a year, who also became my personal trainer, initiated contact with me, and had a really poor profile.

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