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Of course, i found out that you could be both not smart, and very successful with women at the same time. You simply cannot separate them any more than we can solve the age old debate of nature vs nurture. Not that she is never active but this is the emphasis of the thing. This leaves women over 40 seriously compromised, and those over 50 mostly out of the game.

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Let’s say by “smart” we mean “in the top 5 percent of the population in terms of intelligence and education. Pretty goddamn thick of me. But it seems that when faced with a romantic evening of oysters with a woman who might have far-superior brain power, many would rather pass to spend it with someone with far less mental wattage. And it certainly won’t bring you lasting love and fulfillment. After all, both genders are human beings who appreciate and deserve respect and validation for their positive qualities.

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And it really amazes me. Try that on for a self-defeating idea. I learned from interviews was that online dating is equally painful for men and for women, but.

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I believe anyone can become a genius (in the popular context, not the technical and obsolete classification) since it is more of a qualitative property of the brain rather than a quantitative dependent on cultural environment and psychological development. Or never bothered to cultivate your sensuality as a woman. People who realize this are gifted with a grounding humility that prevents them from letting their heads fill up with the hot air of egotism, which raises us above others in a vessel of condescension. He has displayed all of the traits you mention but did not manage to ever fit in a career to match is intellect. Instinctively, men know that their chance of things working out with a woman that makes more or is “more intelligent” is slim so they wont take a chance that might waste their time. I have always said that average or less than average women are the most sought after women in the world! being a woman who is too pretty or too smart has advantages when it comes to small gains (free drinks, better treatment, etc) but major disadvantages when it comes to finding long term partners and maintaining friendships.

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More on that later. 2) learn about her favorite travel destination so you could discuss it with her. Everyone needs to get used to the idea of user-ship instead of ownership as well as building a world based on renewable resources and energy.

Do men have a problem with dating smart women?

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Some people are just different. This might sound conceited but oh well, but the truth is i rarely meet women smarter than me. I’m very lucky to be close friends with a number of women who are highly intelligent and successful in their chosen fields and are with long-term supportive male partners. We’ve changed our clothes, hair and grooming styles to fit the destination, yet there’s something we can’t seem to change that’s making the journey a treacherous hike.

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