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Also worth noting, people in their 20s and early 30s got fucked by the economy. Ancient history encyclopedia, 22 feb 2017. Easy going yet motivated girl ready to meet a decent guy.

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Well educated, have a great job, a busy life professionally and socially and would overall consider myself to be a dateable person. Maybe they are single because they can afford to be and are tired of putting up with male assholes trying to tell them not to be assertive free thinkers. And i’ve been told that my job is intimidating. When you watch tv, snuggle in next to him on the sofa.

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Only dating people i find physically appealing as well as financially on my level. I’m not saying you can’t find a good man that loves you; but the moment you put a number like 90k a year or college educated; you are limiting yourself heavily.

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The free dating app allows you instant access on the go. I really appreciate this! I cannot think of a single pretty classmate who married average. To each is own.

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2667-2600 bce), best known for creating. Med school was a bear, but i’ve got time to date now.

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Weekends – go in and round for anywhere from 2 hours to 6 hours – have to be available from home. Like what you do. He can watch the kids as you work (fools). I always offer to split the check, even invite guys over for food.

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My days off fall on some random tuesday/wednesday, and never on the more convenient dating days. Is that too much to ask? no, not exactly.

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If a guy marries a doctor, he may find she prefers to wear the pants and likes him to follow her lead. I want a guy that at the very least has a college education.

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