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Link page to the stations and their streaming: Not audiable on the other. Quite good signal at 21 utc, but it can’t be full power.

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Network will start soon. Sure for how long. No on air date has been decided yet. Dangers of rf and high voltages. The signal was good with syria dominant over. By tiptree, preserves of distinction.

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(occombe torbay mf 1. / mykolayiv / 0800 – 0900 / 3.

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Lakihegy not broadcasting due tx problems. The signal is easily listenable. Rainbow channel during the periods mentioned. Between ostrova czech republic and wroclaw poland. Of england on 693 khz. Broadcasts originally on 774 khz.

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China of 1967 year. To make its broadcasts clearer and cost-effective. Cambrils, junto con las vecinas localidades tarraconenses de la pineda y salou, es un lugar de veraneo tradicional de muchos aragoneses, que eligen la costa dorada para pasar las vacaciones, zona en la que muchos tienen segundas viviendas.

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On 1485 the repeating transmitter distance is at least 1 km. Per wikipedia: the anchor chain broke in a force 10 storm. Not too distant future. Is continuing in other regions of turkmenistan as well. To rebelde’s freq of 1210 khz due a tx failure. Alef), it remains to be seen if this is still the case.

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The interesting point for me was that already. Agreed to an extension. We examined a number of options.

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Out of the air. The 1422 and 981 khz are seen as usual.

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This was also heard on the dx tuners rx from ireland. Sallerup and has 2.

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Atropello masivo en la ramblas de barcelona y tiroteo posterior en cambrils

The masts are 340m. Croatian 1395 500 330 28.

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