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You’re trying to match people based on similar attributes, rather than an expression of intention). This site uses cookies. These features make the software more appealing for your group.

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Any other specifics are not necessary to the discussion. By continuing to browse this site you accept the usage of cookies. Anyways this dating site needs alot of options for the user to specify their hobbys etc. I’m working on the next version of a local online dating site, php & mysql based and i want to do things right. Linux or windows (or any os which support apache/php/mysql), apache 2.

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Balakrishnan prabhu is the founder of corpocrat magazine. Softdate pro provides many different search options for users, users have three different options to search and find there date. Build a dating site with one of the pg dating pro packages by email and by phone. Server requirements: at least 6 mb of space, php version 4.

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You’ll need to learn to code in php with mysql and possibly javascript/ajax. Ability for users to text chat with each other with gmail style chat messenger.

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I need the search script to be able to search for the usual dating site options and for the user to be able to narrow it down to the members preference ie:top, bottom, versatile. The default way to store a date in a mysql database is by using date.

Set a date in mysql using datetime

Photos, templates & courses. 3 or newer, mysql version 4.

An example of a php script which sets a date in mysql manually

By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. On that second table. Also, there is a statement that allows you to set only the year of an event. I bought new esp8266 wifi module.

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You will need to know the longitude, latitude, and time zone for the birth date and location you are working with. This will be an infinitely expandable table with a key => val nature. Server requirements: php version 5. Without knowing a lot more about te structure of the existing data, its rather hard to say exactly how effective this will be.

Set a date in mysql using datetime

: keep it clean. As we haven’t created our table already we will now do this. I have not yet reviewed the example link that you posted above because i am uncertain of it’s “safe for work” status.

Customizable design, multi-language & provided with the full