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I’m proudly a bottom bitch for a special man. I think my eyes are bleeding a little bit, and i’m irritated that my pseudo-racist opinions of black people/culture have been reinforced. It does not necessarily follow that you are a better or insightful person than they are.

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This of course results from the belief that the “anglo white” perspective is the norm or standard. I have been reading this blog for a year and now i am forced to unsubscribe.

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Even though we were in georgia for christmas, we all happened to live in new york. I agree andrew, please stick to what you know, and also, if you would like advice on a blog that would actually appeal to your readers who are black women, please just ask us next time instead of highlighting this nonsense.

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So when you choose to use a perspective that is from a group that you do not belong to be prepared for the feedback. I think you should consider tempering your expectation.

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It is unlikely that they will prefer you for your foreign looks because you haven’t even entered their “women” category yet. Well we talked we vibed everything seemed great. Ugh i hate his face. With every point you gain, physically, the wider the net you cast into the pool of men who can potentially fall in love with you.

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However, i think you are misinterpreting what i write. But i when i say “he’s too good for you” it is with the caveat that you have the room and ability to improve – in other words, it isn’t as condemning a statement as you paint it. Magazine from the beauty the way it should be. The reason you haven’t been wifed up isn’t because you are dark skin, “attractive,” and therefore considered a “hoe” (i think you mean “ho”), it’s because you have a huge chip on your shoulders, a persecution complex and you lack the ability to self evaluate. The fact that andrew has recommended this website is the perfect example of this.

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: stop leaving out the part of the story where you fucked up. Ok thats fine but every time someone uses the words “bitch” or “nigga” its is not in reference to you. Being a bottom bitch has no racial boundaries. I love love love what you wrote and totally get you!!! dont listen to these people they are not used to hearing a bw speak about her emotiona and how society treats us so they want to shut us up quick!

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If this is your first time reading this you are about to experience something so cold. See how one immediately called you angry black girl? if you identified as white that angry would not have been added.

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If your man understands that you are holding him down, he will reciprocate by holding you down as well. Not anymore though, after awhile the posts just don’t apply to me.

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I have been reading this blog for almost a year now. Ladies and gents, i’d like to announce that andrew is dating me 🙂 he’s great in bed and is hot and brilliant.

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