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While i disagree with most of what bju stands for, i have to question this post. From bob jones jr. Of the school of religion, bob jones university. You responded that interracial dating was forbidden.

Bob jones university drops interracial dating ban

The pleasereconcile authors quote jones’ response to larry king’s question about not being able to back up the interracial dating ban with a verse from the bible. It gives every church in the u.

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The first law under crimes and offenses, is 16-17-560. The school’s official history makes no mention of any ties between its founder and the kkk. Warren buffet. Bob jones university’s bigotry extended.

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I bet its a mass of fun there on a sat night. I certainly suspect that dr. He was only allowed to date oriental girls. Speaking out more forcefully.

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It would have been better, more biblical after the pauline example in correcting peter in galatians 2, to have included bob jones iii as a specific recipient. Bob jones iii and dr.

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He has erected barriers between the nations, not only land and sea barriers, but also ethnic, cultural, and language barriers. Bring in the world of antichrist by any means. 2, shortly before the south carolina primary. Although there is no verse in the bible that dogmatically says that races should not intermarry, the whole plan of god as he has dealt with the races down through the ages indicates that interracial marriage is not best for man.

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Until 1975 only married black students were allowed to enroll. Our concern for the school’s greater usefulness is greater to us than a rule that we never talk about and that is meaningless to us. The following day the two teachers were reportedly given final checks and told their services were no longer needed! that allegation continues to raise many troubling legal, ethical, and biblical concerns in the hearts and mind of bju’s friends and supporters. Religious freedom guarantees of the first amendment are no longer their protection.

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In the interview, jones acknowledged that he could not point to a bible verse opposing interracial dating. Their goal is not for fame, even though many are famous. Bob jones university exposed: As he said, “beware the leaven of the pharisees which is hypocrisy!”. Very few students paid in full. I am not required to state specifics to you or anyone else.

Bob jones university drops interracial dating ban

Take a look at the pleasereconcile blog. Investors on tuesday braced for further chaos. But when the church of two of his employees practiced “religious freedom” that did not agree with his interpretation of the bible, and which violated a rule that bob says is “insignificant” and that bju “never talks about or preaches,” bob fires the two employees! that would seem to indicate that the rule was very significant and that the firing of the two employees said it all; it doesn’t matter so much what a man says but what he does that counts most.

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To continue reading, subscribe now for full print and digital access. It’s never too late to seek forgiveness. What happens when the joneses lead the university administrators, faculty, staff, students, and passionate core of defenders into a major heresy involving faith and practice? isn’t this what happened with the bju interracial dating/marriage ban? if this was a “bible policy” as dr.

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