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Her religion is buddhism. Quite disappointing on the 3rd part of it. We love comments! just please remember to keep it clean and keep it nice or you won’t survive the moderation round. Can you help me please? again, thank you for the nice article, cheers!

We are the crazy ahjummas

Im hoping that theres a part 3 of yes or no. She was born with thai and chinese descent. She had nothing in mind and she would just go with the flow. She was once paired up with tina jittaleela during their yes or no years.

We are the crazy ahjummas

And tina’s acting is getting much better. Mike stays next to her for several hours and even watches her sleep/strokes her hair (. Super cute and amazing, i just miss her simple & sweet look, as of today her looks & make up style looks mature & sophisticated.

Oh oh oh oh :-). Agree with you on tina’s acting getting much better. But, i’m still secretly hoping that tina and aom are actually a real couple because they look soo sweet in the movie >.

She has featured in the film once again and it received a lot of attention just like the first film did. I haven’t watched the sequel yet, but it is definately something i am not going to miss.

Good blog about she. I more prefer yon 1 but both part are really good an interesting. Now all the sweet scene of them keep replaying in my head and you are to be blame! hehe jk jk v^o^v.

As far as i know, aom’s going to be in a series with mike agin soon. Yes or no 1 and 2, tv series “jud nud pob”, independent film “junk” and “guardian”, wake up ghost for biting, bangkok kung fu, and the latest autumn in my heart (remaking a thai version of the korean series). Also known as aom manaying. And there are other movies “like or love” and pai in love.

5 not the same sequel of the yes or no 2. It also received a lot of positive responses from the viewers. I’m trying to google it but i can’t find it. Still she pretty, hoping for your new projects. Sushar is still very much active in the acting industry as of today.

Juz boringly browsing utube then i found this interesting movie. Can you make a list of her movies? it seems so hard to find stuff about aom and i’m so eager to know about her. Supanart jittaleela is a famous thai actress who is actively working in the field of acting since 2011.