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Should chocolate milk come with a warning label? health canada is considering measures that could scare consumers away from certain dairy products. Some municipal election candidates are lining up against proposed bus rapid transit system (not light rail, as many had hoped). I’ll admit that, like roger originally was, i was a little wary. And adding new widgets to this area.

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| manor nowThe manor | guelph strip club | guelph strip bars | strip clubs in guelphWe visited a strip club in ontario that holds a sunday church service - viceGuelph the manor strip.

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The posters of scantily clad women on pillars had to be covered up with images of jesus, the pole had to be sanitized, the mirrors embossed with images of strippers were covered with curtains, and a pool table was covered and decked out with mini-sandwiches, bundt cakes, and oranges. I spoke with one of the guests who also was raised catholic.