Christmas light linking power strip

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Pull the string of lights along the trunk of the tree to the top. The power strip has 6 plugs on it. 2005 – 2017 christmas light source. That way if there is a short or an overload on your lights, the gfci outlet will trip before the breaker in your house (which can be handy if your outside lights are on the same circuit as, say, your hall light inside your home). Eric bain prefers to start at the top so he always works downward, toward the plugs placed along the trunk of the tree.

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How many lights can i string together, end-to-end?

Christmas light linking power strip.


You might think to add white and provide adequate lighting, but you might not know about these other ways to lighten up a space. ) so even though there are 3 other outlets on the same circuit, i can only really put 5 more strands on the entire circuit. Different sizes and types are different wattage; affecting the number of lights you can put on a single circuit.