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Yep – thanks for both your comments, exactly the message i am trying to get across, i wouldn’t even have spoken about it if didn’t get so many questions regarding the matter, and like all things best to be up front and let people know where you’re coming from, and what values system your beliefs are based upon – keep in touch. I think, lady wear the two pieces or any sexual explicit exposure, it is acceptable by the society. When i had finished cumming, the married guy told me to bend over and he hand both hands on my hips and he slid his cock up and down my butt crack. But why should you have to define yourself as a gay brand or not anyway? who cares! it works! if you said it was a “straight” brand, i don’t think that the gay men would stop buying. It reminds me if ryan carnes from desperate housewives all those seasons go. Since then, aussiebum achieved international recognition for several products such as the aussiebum wonderjock range, which offers pouch support and enhancement, and the essence collection, which contains vitamins locked in the fiber that releases through the skin. I was so turned on, between the married guys cock against my butt, his hand rubbing the front of my speedo, a public change room and he started to tell me what he had planned for the afternoon.

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Turned out, my libido was contagious, as ck began to pleasure himself as well. I felt like i was awake, and i finally had a clear head (literally and figuratively). At the ripe age of 26, i came to a life changing conclusion.

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